CODING PROJECTS in Scratch is a coding education program that experiences programming, develop programs, and integrates with various fields to solve problems.

Program Features

Based on Computational Thinking

We develop the ability to think like a computer with an emphasis on the process of thinking about how the results are derived rather than the result of manipulating the computer.

The application of [STEAM]

We cultivate convergent future talent who thinks creativity technology with computational thinking power.

Utilizing open teaching material to explore and experiment with problems

Help improve understanding of computer ‘s input and output, and increase the interest of activities.

Rainbow Matrix

Use Scratch to experience programming like a game

You can learn the process flow of the project easily with the program which makes the programming by connecting the command like playing as assembling a block.

Curriculum Introduction

Getting Ready

Prepare and planfor problem solving, and explore the necessary elements (command blocks, stage backgrounds, sprites).

Unplugged & Plugged

Learn a basic knowledge for resolving problems and expand it variously to program my imagination

Coding Block

Learn the concept of command blocks to use when programming.

Backdrop & Sprite

We provide the Background and Sprite file (.SVG) suitable for the theme so that you can feel the fun and accomplishment of the activity.

Education Plan

1st Beginner 2nd Intermediate 3rd Intermediate
Moving the sprite
Expressing backgrounds and sprites
Expressing animation
Playing the sound
Execution loop
Set conditions
Exchanging signal
Using the pen
Create a variable
Random selection
Define additional blocks
Measure time
Controller Controller
4th Advanced 5th Advanced 6th Expert
Using “play note” command
Pixel exploration and colour settings
Using the concept of binary numbers
Create list
Create a story
Turn pixel colours on and off
Display icons and characters
Numbers and arithmetic
Science experiment
Coding in our lives
Program design
Controller, Rainbow Matrix Controller, Rainbow Matrix Controller, Rainbow Matrix