Everyone should know how to program a computer,
Because it teaches you how to think.
-Steve Jobs-

Coding&Play teaches children to develop Creative Thinking, Logical Thinking,
Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills and
Computational Thinking through the process of identifying and solving problems on their own.

Systematic Curriculum based on Computational Thinking

Coding&Play is developed in order to advance thinking skills according to the step-by-step process, so you can learn various C.T. systematically.

Pedagogical approach to Computer Science

Educational experts have designed instructional models and developed textbooks so that children’s coding education can be pedagogically
approached and become more effective and self-directed learning.

Conditional Statement

After Unplugged activities to find suspects by collecting various testimonies of the thieves witnessed by children,
Children learn conditional statements naturally by doing the computing activity of programming by making algorithms to avoid obstacles in line with the characteristics of Braille blocks in the walk block.

Combination with STEAM topic

All the topics around us, combined with various lessons, make it easy for children to get interested and raise teachers’ satisfaction.